This week’s challenge features images taken from on high. Today’s warm, sunny day provided some good opportunities. One of our neighbor snakes came out of hiding, all 5.5 feet of him. The second was a bronze-colored frog who has only been heard before now revealed himself. The third was a group of red bugs clustered in the heart of a young goldenrod.

[Small celebration — this is our 600th post!]

And the challenge homepage:

15 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: From above

  1. I would be scared to be walking around at night in case the snake is out and you might accidentally step on it.

    1. That’s only happened once here. A small copperhead was squatting at the bottom of the neighbor’s front stairs. Had to grab my husband to keep from stepping on him. Though copperheads are venomous, this fellow was a bit of a scaredy-cat and went wiggly away when prodded with a stick.

  2. Congrats on your 600th post! That takes some work!
    I like the photo of the red bugs…nice contrast with the bright green leaves…though I wouldn’t be happy to see them on my plants! 🙂

  3. Congratulations on having 600 posts! Time really goes by quickly, doesn’t it? These are all nice. I really like the frog.

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