The larger of the two eastern coachwhip snakes to show themselves today had milky eye scales — a sign he’s getting ready to shed his skin. This fellow curled himself in a warm stone and dirt hollow in the hillside. Only noticed him when I heard the sound of his scales sliding against the stone after trimming some of the growth on the hill.

Someone else in the burrow apparently shed within the last 24 hours. Found a still-moist whole skin measuring more than 6 feet woven between the stalks of the pokeweed plants.

Eastern coachwhip curled up.
Eastern coachwhip curled up in a warm dirt and stone bowl below the deck.

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18 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: From above 2

      1. Seven years! That’s so neat, we see snakes very occasionally here, never often enough to have any we consider neighbors. Which is too bad, I have rodents to spare!

  1. I like snakes πŸ™‚ Today I had an encounter with a grass snake (Natrix natrix). We don’t have many snakes here and everytime I see one, I’m happy. The grass snake today was really fast hiding into the high grass so I couldn’t take a picture.

    1. They do look pretty otherworldly, don’t they? Considering his eyes, we were wondering why he was so laid back — we figured he would run to safety at the first vibration of a footstep since he couldn’t see very well. Then we noticed the swelling in the part of his body to the right of his head. Looks like he just ate and was in no rush to go.

  2. scary! but it’s awesome looking at those scales and the way they overlap.. and as much as i dislike snakes, those eyes are pretty cool

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