Zzzzzap! Pow!

Cold air from the north and west met up with our 80-degree spring day, producing powerful storms. Here’s what we saw this evening.

Just peachy

What a difference a couple of weeks can make. The top photo is of part of the peach orchards at the U of Arkansas’ Fruit Research Station near Clarksville. The bottom photo was taken at another Clarksville orchard during the first week of April. Spring certainly showed his colors — and threw in a big fat bee too!

WAITING -- Peach orchard in March 13, 2013, a week before bud break.
STARK — Peach orchard at the Fruit Research Station near Clarksville, Ark., on March 13, 2013, a week before bud break.
BLOOMING — Branches at Peach Pickin’ Paradise in the heart of Arkansas’ peach country in Johnson County during the first week of April. (Courtesy the Cooperative Extension Service, photo by Shay Morgan)

Weekly photo challenge: Color

Keeping the palette tight for this challenge.

The colors of this week’s challenge:

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Heffalump trunk

Ferns fronds are elegant, whether simply lobed or carved with more complexity. And they present themselves to the world in such a beautiful way, slowly unfurling into the filtered light of the forest floor.

DOWN AND UP ¬†— This frond was reaching downward into a channel carved by runoff into the mountainside. It seemed to me like an elephant’s trunk — you almost want to hand it a peanut.
UPRIGHT — Captured last week, this curled frond reminded me of nautilids.

Equal parts water and dirt

Alternating stripes of water and dirt mark a field awaiting a crop in the Arkansas Delta along U.S. 165.

Water filled rows in the Delta.
ROWS– Frequent rain in the last few weeks has filled the rows and ditches of farmfields in the Delta. Some fields looked more like lakes. While it may mean frustration to farmers who want to plant, the local ducks, geese, frogs and the herons who eat them, aren’t minding a bit.