Weekly photo challenge: Up 2

Looked up this morning and saw a contrail crossing the face of the sun.  Plenty more “up’ at https://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/04/19/weekly-photo-challenge-up-2/

Contrail cuts across the sun's disk and the ice ring in the high clouds.
Contrail cuts across the sun’s disk and its ice ring in the high clouds. The tiny black dot in the upper right is a crow.  This appears dark because it was shot through one of the polarized lenses of my sunglasses. Don’t have a polarizer for this camera. 

Weekly photo challenge: Up

Things are certainly looking up in this week’s challenge!

Other ups for the day:

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Rising above

It’s so good to see our campus hawk cruising the thermals during a lunchtime photo safari.

SOARING SPIRIT -- The campus hawk spirals above the parking lot and green spaces on a beautiful, overcast spring day.
SOARING SPIRIT — The campus hawk spirals above the parking lot and green spaces on a beautiful, overcast spring day.

Down the Pig Trail

The “Pig Trail,” is a switchback-laden path through the Ozarks’ Boston Mountains that has been trafficked for centuries.  With its many steep drops and turns  it’s a favorite of motorcycle and sports car drivers.  Following our brief time  in northwest Arkansas, we opted to take the Pig Trail for part of the return trip. It was a picture perfect day for a road trip.

For Boston – Update

UPDATES with Boston College’s response to the bombing:

 Mile By Mile Guide To The Boston Marathon
The steeple of St. Ignatius church  reaches toward the sky on the right. This is a view of the downward slide after Heartbreak Hill. (Image courtesy Google Street View)

Dear BC alumni and friends,

St. Ignatius Church was filled to overflowing last evening as the Boston College community gathered for a Mass of healing and hope in the aftermath of Monday’s tragic events at the Boston Marathon. We know far greater numbers were with us in spirit, as we have experienced an outpouring of prayer, love, and concern for all who are suffering.

There were hundreds of Boston College students, staff, alumni, and family members running in the Marathon again this year. Two BC graduate students and one alumnus were among the injured. The University has made its counseling, campus ministry, and support services available to those in need.

In his homily yesterday, Father Leahy compared our community to the beautiful reservoir that sits next to the BC campus. He reminded us that we too are a reservoir—a reservoir of goodness, of support, and of healing that we must both draw upon and replenish at times like this. He called upon our community to take solace in one another and to support those most in need. If you are away from campus but would like to offer or ask for prayers, you can also do so via On Eagles Wings.

Thank you for the many ways in which you are a source of comfort—for being part of that reservoir of faith, hope, and goodness that is our Boston College community. If you are among those suffering personally in any way, please know that we on the BC campus and alumni everywhere are keeping you close to our hearts and in our prayers.

Jack Butler, S.J.
Vice President for University Mission and Ministry


Our original post:

Our prayers go out for the victims, their families and for all of Boston in the wake of yesterday’s terrible bombings.

Marathon day is Patriot’s Day — which means no classes and a beautiful spring day.  As students at Boston College, we gathered on the shores of Comm Ave. to cheer on the runners and be inspired by their efforts. As the contestants topped Heartbreak Hill to hit a half-mile downhill run, we shared in the sheer exuberance of their hill conquest, especially that of the wheelchair athletes as they flew downward past St. Ignatius and toward the T stop.

Today we share the horror and sadness for Boston.


In the details

Sometimes, there is beauty in the big picture. Sometimes, it is in the details.

Spring floral

The flanks and valleys of the Arkansas Ouachitas have really awakened during the past 10 days.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

Winter changes into spring here in the Arkansas Ouachitas.




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