Foraging carpenter bee draws pollen from our lavender patch.

Carpenter bee hangs on when lavender plant bends under he weight.
BALANCING ACT – Pollen-laden carpenter bee hangs on as the lavender plant bends under her weight. She almost looks like she’s in yoga’s plow pose, with her legs sticking up over her thorax. Carpenter bees are very curious. When out photographing, often these bees (which are generally solitary, unlike honey bees) will hover in front of you, rising and dropping, as if sizing you up.

6 thoughts on “Balancing act

  1. The carpenter bees in this area are enormous. We recently visited Koppert in Michigan, where they raise bumble bees for commercial sale. Fascinating! Bees in various stages incubating in many rooms. The staffer escorting us actually used the phrase “bees knees.” (And that lavender in your photo is lovely.)

    1. Wow! Had no idea that there was a commercial market for bumbles. How cool. (hard not to be fond of something that’s yellow and fuzzy and goes by the name “bumble.”)
      Will have to look that place up online. Thank, as always, for visiting. We always enjoy hearing from you!

  2. They’re amazing aren’t they? The hummers come to our spanish lavender, and bees do, too. The flower spikes are very long, so it’s interesting to watch them. Great photo!

    1. Thanks! Nice to finally be able to grow lavender. Tried so many seasons to grow from seed. Finally broke down and bought a pot from the local garden center. Love how they attract all those pollinators!

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