Spring is slowly, but surely, shuffling its way onto the mountain. It’s good to see the usual spring things beginning. For example, the crested iris leaves are pushing into the sunlight, the poke sallet is beginning to wave its green flags and cedar apple rust, one of the more spectacular looking plant diseases, is in full “bloom.”

We were somewhat concerned that the irises might not make it this year. With the hundreds of trees damaged from last year’s snow, and the subsequent efforts to trim and remove debris from the road, we feared the irises might be disturbed or buried under pine logs and brush. It was great to see yesterday that those leaves had emerged.

6 thoughts on “Signs of spring

    1. This rust is a fungus and those “arms” are “spore horns”. The spiky thing in the photo below left of the star is what it looked like a couple of weeks back in its overwintering phase. It reminds me of gelatine — add a little water and it sort of inflates in a creepy-pretty kind of way. Thanks for visiting!

  1. It is a wonderful joy to see the new green sproutings after a good rain at the beginning of Spring. Your pictures are beautiful.

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