Another better-late-than-never catch-up post. This time, it’s for the Dec. 21 WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise. 

Little Rock hadn’t seen a white Christmas since 1926 and boy, was Mother Nature saving up. Arkansas received up to 15 inches of  heavy and wet snow. Here in our corner of the Ouachita Mountains, the snow pressed 152 trees onto the quarter-mile road to our neighborhood. Surprise! (More about this in a future post.)

The long quarter mile.
These bent and broken pines were just the tip of the iceberg. There were more than 100 broken trees further up the hill.

Other surprises:

13 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Surprise

  1. You got more that we did here on the western side, we just got about three inches. Ir was so very pretty! Were you without power? I know so many were!

      1. Yes, we didn’t have any real problems, even the roads were not too bad. We stayed home one day, after that everything was fine. It looks as if you may have lost a lot of trees in the area. That is one thing I really hate, the electric is usually got back on fairly fast around here. They are used to dealing with the tornado. But the trees are impossible to really replace. It does look beautiful there on the road there though, how long was it before they got the roads passable?

      2. Since it’s a private road, it was up to us and our neighbors to get it clear. With a little bit of melting on the road Friday afternoon, five of us were able to get the road passable in six hours. There was a lot of “chainsaw music” going on Saturday! And today, it’s raining.

      3. Thank God for the rain, it will melt the rest of the snow and give us the moisture that we so desperately need. I know that it rough to work out in though. I feel for the people who are still without power.

      4. Between the lack of power and lack of rain, these are tough timesSevier, Sebastian, Crawford and all up through NWA and east toward Conway and Perryville could really, really use the water. Even the Delta needs some. Fortunately, the state is nearly 24 percent drought-free. That’s progress!

      5. Amen!!! We are in Johnson County and it hasn’t been quite as bad here, but bad enough! I would like to see it rain a couple of days. It is a good way to start the new year!!!

  2. Now that’s some serious snow! We got a dusting of snow in Albuquerque this morning (our second of the season). I was born and raised in Chicago so I do know about the force -and the beauty- of a serious snowstorm. Stay safe and warm!

    1. Thanks for visiting! For a state that’s largely unprepared for a snow like this, it’s very challenging. But the power companies are doing a great job, going from 200K without power to less than 12K in just a few days. I’ll bet ABQ is beautiful in the snow! Even a dusting.

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