Big snows in Central Arkansas are a rare event, at least compared to say, Buffalo, N.Y., or International Falls, Minn. So the Christmas Day blizzard here was a doozy in a lot of ways. Fun for kids unused to a white Christmas, but a long, cold post-holiday week for the 200,000 people whose power disappeared under the blanket of white.  (The National Weather Service office in Little Rock has a short history of Christmas Day snows in its forecast area.)

Hundreds of bucket trucks from out-of-state utilities such as Southern Electric Corp. of Mississippi, and disaster logistics folks like Storm Services Inc., converged on Arkansas to help.  We’re grateful to all the emergency workers who are giving up holiday time with their families.  Today the power flickered a few times;  here’s hoping the brief outages and clicks meant more people being reconnected to the grid.

12-27 Kanis road
WINTER WONDERLAND — That is, until you have to drive in it.
12-27 Pond2
REFLECTIVE — The pond’s still surface mirrors the snow-covered mountainsides.
Ice and snow coat a pine cone.
GLASSED IN — Ice and snow coat a pine cone.
12-14 Shimmery Sky
SHIMMER — Winter can make even the sunshine seem cold.

16 thoughts on “A study in silver and white

  1. Happy New Year! The snow looks magical, but it’s no fun when there’s no heat indoors. Here’s hoping they get everyone reconnected before too long…

      1. No worries, no time limits, no requirements. Take care of yourself and yours, and keep taking photos. As wonderful as the snow photos are, I hope you don’t have any more blizzards!

  2. I do love walking round when the world is covered is snow. I agree, it does look like a fairy wonderland! Especially snow covered parks or forests, they are absolutely stunning. Lovely photos!

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