Tree bones

What’s left when the tree’s life is gone.


Below, a photo taken this past week of the keynote speaker at a conference on water law and policy. Terribly underexposed, very soft and virtually unusable for print. However, there was something “painterly” about this photojournalistic failure that reminded me of John Singer Sargent or the brooding and dark portraiture of Rembrandt. (It’s doubtful either of them would pose their subject with a PowerPoint clicker in hand.)

Weekly photo challenge: Renewal 1

This week’s photo challenge theme is “renewal.” It’s a hard theme in autumn when Nature is preparing for her winter’s sleep. She did leave some reminders of spring — that great time of renewal.  Today, vibrant violets dotted the shaley, leaf-strewn slopes.

ULTRAVIOLET — Normally a signature of spring, violet blooms popped into fullness near the middle of November.
OUT OF TIME — Wild violet blooms out of time.

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How lovely!

A big thanks to Ensenga’s Voice for nominating us for the One Lovely Blog Award! We’re honored to be nominated!

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The seven things:

  1. I’ll take those black jellybeans if you don’t want them.
  2. Likes haiku.
  3. Misses the beach.
  4. Sort of a Luddite.
  5. Believes in the four food groups: Pizza, fried chicken, mac n’ cheese and bacon.
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2012 fall colors in the Ouachitas

What a beautiful autumn here in Arkansas’ Ouachita Mountains. We’ll let the forest speak for itself.

Weekly photo challenge: Geometry

Nature is quite good at geometry.

HALVED — Fossilized ammonite halved and polished reveals its spiral geometry.
COMING AROUND AGAIN — The pine cone’s scales are arranged spirally.
CRYSTAL — Regular molecule patterns in crystals make for nice geometric patterns.  (that is sort of a chicken-or-egg-circular-reasoning sort of sentence, isn’t it?) This tiny finger of calcite or quartz hides deep inside a large mass of less well defined crystals.

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