Long before computer models for forecasting the winter ahead, there were simpler, folksier tools: persimmon seeds, woolly bear caterpillars and squirrels.  READ MORE … 

PERSIMMON PREDICTION — Folk wisdom says the shape that appears inside a persimmon seed will be an indicator of the winter to come.  A spoon shape (top) means a wet winter. A fork (middle)  means light powdery snow. A knife (bottom) can mean icy, cutting winds or splitting the difference between the spoon and fork predictions, depending on what you believe.  The verdict of these seeds, opened Nov. 15, 2012,  is divided. However,a consensus of cut seed reports from other parts of Arkansas seem to be leaning toward a wet winter.  (U of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture photo)

11 thoughts on “Persimmon predictions

    1. Let’s hope the persimmons are right! However, the Climate Prediction Center is projecting an above-normal chance for precipitation through March. Would like for both of those forecasts to be right! Thanks for stopping by!

    1. LOL! You may have to resort to another forecasting technique. Have the squirrels been squirrelling nuts early? Seen any broken cow hooves or thick corn silk? Oh well, there’s always the Weather Channel!

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