My adventurous cousin took another exotic trip to China and Tibet. These two photos reminded me of Blossom the Groundhog  and her peanuts, except this primate seemed a lot less happy with his treats.

PICKY — This monkey in China’s Sichuan Province picks over peanuts given by tourists.
YUM? – This monkey doesn’t seem too happy with peanuts again. (“I’d settle for a banana … A moon cake? Candied lotus pods? Anything but peanuts. PLEASE!”)

8 thoughts on “Peanuts again?

  1. I think Europe and this North America are the only places on earth where you have to go to the zoo to enjoy monkeys. Maybe Iceland too (or is that still part of Europe?). But in many parts of the world they are almost as common as squirrels.

      1. Ha! Sort of morbid, but we discovered the Florida thing by seeing monkey roadkill while driving through the area. We did double- and triple- takes, as you might imagine. Not the usual possum- squirrel-armadillo Southern-style roadkill.

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