Arkansas’ state Capitol is a beautiful scale model of the U.S. Capitol. Its insides are lined with white marble. On a cloudless day, its limestone exterior gives beautiful white contrast to the deep blue sky.

BLUE SKY DAY — Portrait of the state Capitol between speakers at a news conference.* Letters inside the row of oculars in the pediment spell out “PEACE.” These light up for Christmas.
FLAGS A-FLYING — Flags fly in the brilliant blue in front of the Arkansas state Capitol.

*OK, so my attention did waver from the job at hand, and even when you know the speakers, there are only so many talking-heads-above-the-rostrum shots you can take.

5 thoughts on “A capitol kind of day

  1. It’s modeled on the nation’s capital isn’t it? The only state capital of it’s kind in that regard, and a beautiful sign of solidarity of the state with the union. God bless Arkansas!

    Beautiful pics! You could not have found a more gorgeous blue sky for the background.

    1. Thanks! The Capitol has actually served as a movie stunt double for the U.S. Capitol. Believe it was the 1991 movie “Stone Cold.” The crew actually fired off an explosion on the dome which left a stain for years. Has since been cleaned up.

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