A couple of somewhat random shots that had been on deck,  just waiting for an excuse to be posted.  Not really sure what’s under the microscope. However, that is a real and very small bark scorpion who passed on, never reaching its full adult size of about 2 inches.  Scorpions are among the venomous neighbors that live around us in the Arkansas Ouachitas.

LOOKING LARGE — Shot into the eyepiece of a microscope set up as part of a 4-H learning activity.
TINY — Bark scorpion and penny under an 8x loupe.

8 thoughts on “Under the microscope

    1. Bark scorpions are venomous, but usually not fatal unless you’re allergic. This fellow had all the right equipment to sting, but with so little venom, I doubt he could’ve done too much harm, except to very small prey.

  1. I got stung by one of those little guys once. Actually it was an adult. It smarted, but bee stings are worse. Still, I don’t recommend letting them sting you, since you never know… and check your shirt before you put it on when you are in scorpion infested areas.

      1. Actually it was in Georgia some 20 years ago just before I moved to NY. I knew I probably did not have to much to worry about because my brother had been bitten earlier that year and nothing happened. I have never seen them around here. In the area where I am now you have to watch out for deer ticks, because they carry lime disease. I know a lot of people who have gotten it, and it is nasty.

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