This week’s concept was maddening. The harder I tried this weekend to find a photo to match “solitary,” the more the world threw twos and threes and other multiples into focus. The first and fourth images are a bit redundant, variations on a theme taken four months apart.  Couldn’t choose between the two.

Happy autumn for those in the northern hemisphere and happy spring to those south of the equator!

ONE AMONG MANY — Autumn begins to show its color amid the previous year’s windfall.
UP — Insect climbs toward the noontime sun on a car antenna. He may find it’s lonely at the top.
ALONE FOR NOW — The slender crescent moon seems to have the sky to itself after the sun disappears.
BLACK FEATHER — Photographed in May.

This week’s mother page for the Weekly Photo Challenge:

Sandy star:

Peaceful reflection:


Water’s edge:

Jack o’ lantern:

Solitary piece of history:

The breakaway shopping trolley and other shots:

Souls alone:

Solace and sax:

15 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Solitary

  1. Happy Autumn to you! It’s Autumn here in the UK. I love Autumn! It’s my favourite season of all time. 🙂

    Beautiful photos btw!

      1. My sentiments exactly! I love the colours of Autumn 🙂 And the breeze, and the weather too! Not too cold like in the winter and not too hot like in the summer 🙂

        You’re welcome.

  2. I like your selection of photos, especially the black feather at the end. It is almost shimmering blue. Maybe a raven feather? Or a crow?

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