Maybe it was the  recent death of Neil Armstrong, or watching “In the Shadow of the Moon,” but it was all a reminder of how close we once were to our companion in the sky and how far away we seem to be now.  Maybe some day we’ll return to walk on the lunar surface.

While China and other governments have their sights set on moon, in the U.S. we seem to be entering a new cycle of space exploration spearheaded by private sector firms such as Scaled Composites and smaller companies such as Armadillo Aerospace. The next decades should be interesting.

REACHING FOR THE MOON — Pines stretch toward the sky as the moon stays up late.

The challenge page and other interpretations for this week’s theme:

18 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Near and far

  1. Nice shot, good exposure settings on the moon. I can see its details.

    The US is already contemplating future robotic and manned missions to the moon. The two biggest concerns; particularly with the manned proposals, are safety and cost.

    1. I hope with all the research going on, that the safety factor will increase and perhaps the relative cost decline. At some point, humans will probably need to get “comfortable” away from home.

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