The harvestman in the hole may be finding  the gap between the deck tiles a few degrees cooler than the 100-degree July air. Photo taken July 4.

YOU CAN’T SEE ME — This daddy longlegs reminded us of small children who render themselves invisible by covering their eyes.

7 thoughts on “Betcha can’t see me!

  1. Thanks for “liking” my urban photo. Yours are pretty fantastic here!!! The daddy long legs photo did not grab me in the small format when I first viewed it, but wow, when I look at it on my 27 inch screen, it is an amazing photo.

    1. Thanks — you hit the nail on the head on why it took so long to get this photo up. Kept going back and forth as to whether it was worthy. It looks much better in big format. Thanks for taking that step and for taking time to visit and comment!

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