Weekly photo challenge: Wrong

As Kipling once wrote: “Oh, East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet.” At this intersection, it appears West and West shall never meet either.

WHICH WAY? — Be sure you have your compass handy at this intersection near Arlington, Tenn.

Lots of wrong done right this week:

Leaving so soon?

Every photographer has outtakes and bloopers, and once you get past the embarrassment or disappointment of having missed the shot, you take some comfort in their amusement value.  (In that same sort of painfully funny way you laugh and wince during  the  blooper reel of a Jackie Chan movie.)  Here are a few bloopers with a common theme: the subject is on its way out of the frame.

GOING, GOING … — Gus the barn dog decides he’s got better things to do than pose with a group of youngsters at a riding camp.
ESCAPE — Big ol’ prairie dog runs to escape the paparazzi. This one at the Minnesota Zoo was heading under a fence rail.
ON THE WING — Juvenile bird pecking around the bushes outside the office window escapes to the lower right.
WHERE YOU GOING? — Lizard high-tails it out of the shot.


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Weekly photo challenge: Growth

Praying mantises are common here in the Ouachitas. Adults reach 5 inches in length. This one has a couple inches to go.

ALMOST THERE — Young mantis works his way to the top of a weed.
CHECK ME OUT — Mantis makes his or her way up to the top.
TOP OF MY GAME — Made it.

Reflections of growth of all sorts:
Great fungus

Who doesn’t like new beginnings?
Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth, Take Three

A lovely “time lapse” of growth

Up close and personal with a succulent

Almost too big


Back to school

The measure of growth

and the main page:

What just happened?

On a typical day, we’ll grateful to see a handful of visitors stopping by the Interface. Just imagine our shock at seeing a hundredfold spike in traffic today. (Did anyone get the number of that truck?) We’re really puzzled, but pleased. Thanks to everyone who stopped by so far — for whatever reason!

As Yul Brynner used to sing: “Is a puzzlement.”

All the good names were taken

Toponymy, or the study of place names, can provide fascinating insight into history, language and the thinking of the people of a particular region, country or hamlet.

To quote from Wikipedia: In 1954 F. M. Powicke said of place-name study that it “uses, enriches and tests the discoveries of archaeology and history and the rules of the philologists”. Toponyms not only illustrate ethnic settlement patterns, but they can also help identify discrete periods of immigration.”

That being said, one has to wonder what is being said by the names of these places, or whether all the good names were already taken.

IT IS WHAT IT IS — Arkansas is full of places with lovely poetic names such as Morning Star and Evening Shade. This body of water running under U.S. 165 in Lonoke County was not so graciously endowed.
IT IS WHAT IT IS II — The Big Dam Bridge is a pedestrian bridge that rises over the Murray Lock and Dam on the Arkansas River in Little Rock. The bridge has been enormously popular with walkers and bikers since it opened in 2006. The fact that its name is in quotation marks on its official marker makes me wonder if there was thought given to the name evolving at some point in the future. (Photo courtesy Transportation Enhancements Image Library.)