Blogging takes thought. Blogging takes time. Blogging takes commitment.

Just curious, or nosy, and definitely not being scientific, but have to ask:

  • How much time do you spend creating each post?
  • How much of your day do you spend reading blogs (WordPress or otherwise)?
  • How often, or how much time, do you spend thinking about your next post?
  • Where do you draw inspiration?
  • Do you have an editor read behind you?
  • As a blog reader, what draws you in to a blog entry? Words? Photos? Other artwork?
  • Is blogging primarily a weekend/holiday gig or do you blog anytime?
  • Is blogging part of your job?
  • For those who take part in weekly challenges of any sort, how much time do you spend meeting the challenge?

(Of course this could be done in a poll, but the comments section offers more flexibility in answers.)

Look forward to hearing from you!

23 thoughts on “Just curious …

  1. Not to avoid the question but my overall answer would be way too much time than I’d ever imagined it taking… All of it is time consuming and even though I love blogging and connecting, lately I’ve been fantasizing about having a virtual assistant.
    There is just too much ground to cover that it is an unending task. I try my best to respond to people who visit me by reciprocating, but I still fall behind. I care about my fellow bloggers and especially those who take the time to respond to me via likes and visits; so I’m always playing catch up. This is NOT a complaint just a matter of fact. Phew! 😆
    As for the weekly challenge, I make the committed effort to like as many posts as possible… it’s a way of meeting and greeting new people; I like say about 200+ posts. No, I don’t leave comments for everyone when I do this marathon but Likes. It’s my opportunity to say hello to others and honestly, I wish more of us would do so or show appreciation for the effort people make to visit others blogs. it baffles me that some people don’t give a damn.
    Reciprocity, which builds our blogging life, seems to not be part of some folks vocabulary. Why blog if you’re not interested in connecting? Ironic ain’t it? Great question. 😉

  2. Thanks for the thoughtful reply! Some weeks it’s very hard to catch up. I am glad for the reader feature now in the dashboard. Scrolling through all the follow emails in the inbox was very time consuming.

    And a huzzah to your thought about reciprocity — that’s what makes this blogging world go around.

    Have had a few likes on this question, but you’re the first to answer. Here’s hoping the others who stopped to look at the question are perhaps pondering answers too!

  3. I currently spend a fair amount of time reading blogs but I limit my subscriptions so I won’t get behind in reading. I try to always like or comment on posts since I’ve come to understand the satisfaction that comes from both of those actions. I like quirky titles and humor, try to stay away from rants, and I don’t think I can bear another “top 10” list (even though I wrote one). I’m trying to broaden my personal horizons so I’m looking for new subjects; the recent science Fresh Presseds are an example. I also try to read younger writers so I won’t get stuck in a “baby boomer” (shudder) mindset. For my own posts, I spend a few hours on each, and always try to put the post aside overnight or for a few hours so I can read and see it anew before publishing. Most of my posts are written during the day while I am at another completely unrelated job (I guess I could say blogging is part of my job since I frequently write while at work.) I have no editor. If I have something to say, which is my primary reason for blogging, I usually write the piece very soon after thinking of it as it comes together much easier.

    1. Thanks for taking time to post a lovely point-by-point answer! I admire your patience in letting the post rest overnight (or for a few hours) before hitting publish. It’s interesting to see the different strategies folks take in their blogging.

  4. I actually blog professionally — and my answers for that would be different — but for my own blog:

    ~ I spend anywhere from five minutes to an hour per post, no more
    ~ I spend about the same amount of time reading blogs (not including for work)
    ~ I tend not to think about the next post unless several days have passed since my last post, then I think about it until I come up with something to write
    ~ Inspiration comes from my daily life, news headlines, the ether
    ~ I edit my own work (but have done so professionally so feel confident in my skills)
    ~ I blog anytime; my blogging breaks coincide with actual vacations, typically
    ~ The only weekly challenge I do right now is a photo challenge; I usually use pre-existing images so the time investment is minimal

  5. I had wanted to write a post everyday, but that has turned out to be impractical. So it’s about 3 times a week, about an hour at a time. I will often go back and rewrite posts, sometimes more than once.

    I tend to be interested in blogs that are about areas outside of what I’m familiar with, wether it be unusual food, places, animals, anything exotic.

    Inspiration is from the voices in my head! And actually I do get ideas from other bloggers, if only for a general theme or style rather than a specific topic.

    I like the weekly photo challenge as it gives me a chance to use photos I might not have thought of using before, but if I don’t come up with something by Monday I don’t participate – such as this past weeks challenge!

    1. It’s interesting how many people have ambitions to post every day and find, that wow! There’s a lot of time and effort that goes into every post. I did get a good chuckle out of your inspiration — those inside-the-head voices! Let’s hope they keep talking! Thank you for taking time to visit and comment!

  6. Also, I have a self hosted blog. So I don’t get to see those gravatar cards if someone likes a post. A little frustrating in that I don’t know who “likes” any of my posts if they don’t comment. But the one good thing about the self hosting is that the site can attract visitors outside of WordPress easier.

  7. My posts are sporadic in inspiration and tend to be rather spur of the moment. My posts just happen organically. If I try to “think” of a post, nothing happens. I draw inspiration from everything. Nature, other people’s works, art, my faith, my life, hopes, dreams, pumpkin 😉 As for challenges, I am a passive weekly photo challenger. I am not aggressive about it or blogging at the moment. I do not have an editor. I try to read behind myself.
    As a reader, I spend about 45mins a day reading blogs etc. I am drawn in by meaningful poetry full of imagery, nature photography, and interesting stories or something quirky and off the beaten path.
    Still trying to figure out the blogging thing.

  8. Posts themselves (writing, photo resize, linking twitter etc) about three hours. We spend most of the weekend actually traveling to find content, and I read a ton of blogs. It takes up most of my spare time but it is what I love to do I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    1. What a nice way to connect all the things you love! It’s amazing how much time goes into packaging words and images in just the right way. Thanks for stopping by and taking time to comment. It’s been interesting seeing how everyone approaches blogging.

  9. Good questions! I post 2-3 times a week, and I wish everyone did that. I would rather follow more bloggers who post less frequently, than fewer bloggers who post more frequently. I usually only blog during the week, and I try not to blog, or read blogs on week-ends or on holidays. I might spend an hour or two writing a post – more time if I’ve put a lot of work into the photo. I try to include a photo with each post and I usually enter the WordPress Photo Challenge. I use the ‘like’ button like a calling card, and I don’t comment unless I have something significant to say. (Well, significant to me, anyhow…)

    1. Thanks for taking time to answer! I like how you framed your use of the “like” button as a calling card. It’s always nice to have that kind of feedback and know who’s been by for a visit. It’s also interesting about you taking the weekend away from bloggage. Pays to keep one’s quill rested and sharpened!

  10. If I take the time to write a post it can take up to an hour, but posting a photo or cartoon usually takes less than 15 minutes.
    I read posts for 1 hour each day and do most of my reading and writing over the weekend or holidays.
    Inspiration can come from something which happened to me personally or something which I see while browsing the internet.
    I prefer short post which are too the point as well as photos.
    I take part in different photo challenges sometimes I can take something from my existing photos and sometimes it take me two days or more to take the right photo. While doing that I visit as many post as I can who are taking part in the challenge to see who are the best.

    1. Thanks Gobetween for your reply! The challenges are a good workout for our brains, eyes and camera skills. And, as you mentioned, it’s always great to be inspired by other challenge entries.

  11. It takes too much time, Suburban! But i like it. No editor, and the problem: it is too much to blog about (in my case too many pictures) even if most are more or less about everydaylife, and I don’t want to overload myself or my readers, and it is hard to do all the followup that I would like (sorry)..

    1. It seems as if many are in the same boat. So much to explore out there; so much to say and too little time! Thank you for taking time to visit and comment on the questions. It’s been fascinating seeing how everyone tackles their blogging.

  12. When I first hit that Pubish button I hesitated first and my finger hung over the button – what am I getting myself into?! Now, like many others, I am addicted. I love the writing and I enjoy the camraderie that has developed between a few loyal and like-minded blogger friends.

    I sometimes spend several hours developing a post – it’s mainly the photos that take me an age – searching, and tweaking them.

    How much time do I spend reading blogs? Some days waaayyy too much. I have switched to using the reader since it is much faster and I have switched my email notifications for ones I follow to weekly vs daily. I want to keep enjoying blogging so I want to structure my time better rather than burn out.

    As I hesitated over that button I wondered what I would post about – I hadn’t defined that before starting. 🙂 I have done a number of writings over recent years that I draw from as well as my travel journals. Sometimes I am inspired by someone’s blog – I have, as yet, to experience blogger’s block but I’m only 8 months into this blogoshere – I may dry up over time. When I get an idea I give it a title and write a line or two to remind me what it is about and copy any URL that inspired me or I want to link to and leave it in drafts til I get back to it. I have no editor – I fly on my own, (or sink and swim) 🙂

    Things that will turn me away from a blog are too small script, a page jazzed up with too many distractions, the use of expletives, lenghy, rambling paragraphs, poor writing/grammar/spelling (with leeway given to those posting in a second language, whom I greatly admire because I cannot), or a post that it just tooooo long. What draws me in is well written narrative, the use of photos, and humour.

    I blog all week; I am retired, I can do that. But, as I said earlier, i want to structure it so that I am not blogging to the exclusion of everything else … like housework, the dishes, cooking, laundry …

    I enjoy taking part in photo and writing challenges – writing extemporaneously and searching my archives for the photo that best describes that challenge.

    Now, what about you?

    1. You’d be surprised how deep the well of creativity can be. That’s not to say that it’ll flow all the time, or that it will continue to flow in one direction. Creativity seems to change its shape and color over time, and sometimes takes pleasure in ducking behind trees and rocks, with a taunt here and there. The nice thing about creativity is that it keeps filling its basket with odds and ends until that moment when it all comes together and the post/photo/art/haiku/whatever just flows out at infinite PSI. Keep living for those moments!

  13. Oh, I meant to say that I do make time to read, comment and ‘like’ posts on the blogs I follow as well as visit new ones via the challenges or gravatars. Particularly, if someone has taken the time to visit me and leave a comment or ‘like’, then I visit their blog and leave evidence that i was there.

    1. And to answer your earlier question:
      How much time do you spend creating each post? (Depending on inspiration, it can be 90 seconds to 35 minutes –the culmination of days of mental fermentation)
      How much of your day do you spend reading blogs (WordPress or otherwise)? (30 minutes on weekdays, a couple of hours on weekends, not including work-related blogs)
      How often, or how much time, do you spend thinking about your next post? (Hard to track, because it usually happens in sporadic, distracted three-minute clumps over many days)
      Where do you draw inspiration? (everywhere)
      Do you have an editor read behind you? (no, but really need one!)
      As a blog reader, what draws you in to a blog entry? Words? Photos? Other artwork? (Snappy headlines, compelling art and a great opening line, or language that sings)
      Is blogging primarily a weekend/holiday gig or do you blog anytime? (Posting has become primarily a weekend sport)
      Is blogging part of your job? (Yes)
      For those who take part in weekly challenges of any sort, how much time do you spend meeting the challenge? (Depends on whether the Muses have stuck around, or whether they take the long way home. Can be minutes or days.)
      Thanks for asking!

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