Last week, cousin Chooman  made the three-hour trip out of Bangkok to the Uthai Thani province to hear the preaching of a revered Buddhist teacher — one who not only taught her to meditate, but also her mother and late father. That journey, in a way, is a facet of this week’s theme. After all, what is a pilgrimage but a merging of belief and action?

MULTI-FACETED — The mirrored tiles at Wat Chantaram, Utai Thani, Thailand, add  sparks of brilliance to the temple’s interior. Each reflects a different angle of reality; each reality filtered through an individual’s perception; but all of this fractured vision coming together as one structure. (Photo by Chooman)

Other Merges:
More than black and white

And the mother page:

11 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Merge

    1. You’re so welcome! You had such a unique take on the theme and the resulting pieces were irresistible. You could not just skim through them — they commanded one’s attention. Beautiful work!

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