Every photographer has outtakes and bloopers, and once you get past the embarrassment or disappointment of having missed the shot, you take some comfort in their amusement value.  (In that same sort of painfully funny way you laugh and wince during  the  blooper reel of a Jackie Chan movie.)  Here are a few bloopers with a common theme: the subject is on its way out of the frame.

GOING, GOING … — Gus the barn dog decides he’s got better things to do than pose with a group of youngsters at a riding camp.
ESCAPE — Big ol’ prairie dog runs to escape the paparazzi. This one at the Minnesota Zoo was heading under a fence rail.
ON THE WING — Juvenile bird pecking around the bushes outside the office window escapes to the lower right.
WHERE YOU GOING? — Lizard high-tails it out of the shot.

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