Drought continues to strengthen its hold on Arkansas, with a third of the state’s area in what the U.S. Drought Monitor calls “exceptional drought,” the most intense category of dryness. That area includes the Suburban Ferndale rural-plex. And it’s hot, with 100-plus degree temps (37 C and up).  Call it desert-like. Call it drought-blasted, but the most vivid indicator of our drought was this: the fence lizard turning this bucket into his own private swimming pool.

COOL POOL — This lizard wiled away at least an hour in this catch bucket set up under the spigot.

8 thoughts on “The lizard pool

  1. I can relate to the lizard. We are finally get a little rain right now but from the radar it doesn’t look like it will give much or last long. I’m not going to complain though. Hopefully you’ll get a drop or two as well.

  2. It is raining here, we are about 90 miles to the west of you, praying that it comes your way as well and that it is a good soaking rain! God bless!

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