A few days after we gathered the really big snakeskin, a second one, which may have been even longer, appeared, threaded through the bases of a big poke sallet plant. However, the 100-degree heat had cooked the skin into becoming too fragile to recover, and so it remained.

Looking down from the deck yesterday, we spotted a chipmunk rustling around in the rocks and grass, figuring he was nosing around for seeds. It was shocking to see the little guy grabbing the snakeskin and chew on it. We never thought of chipmunks as being anything other than cute little acorn-nibblin’ vegetarians, but we now know them to be omnivorous.

The chipmunks in our little part of the Ouachitas have fared quite well this year, including a giant, almost rat-sized one with a crooked tail that we’ve named “Leadbelly.” (no photos yet.)

SCAVENGER — Chipmunk nibbles on a snakeskin.
PROTEIN FIX? — Chipmunk supplements his diet. 

7 thoughts on “Scavenger chipmunk

  1. After laying in the sun for a while that snake skin is probably like munching on a pork rind. He let you get close enough to get some nice shots of him. If he’s not careful the owner of the skin might return and munch on some chipmunk. 😉

    1. Chipmunk was definitely playing close to the fire. The skin, and the chipmunk were just inches from the mouth of the snake lair. And the snakes. Snake rinds. Hmm. Add a little smokin’ and bbq sauce and that might make a nice exotic southern kind of appetizer. 🙂 Thanks for stopping. Y’all taking a day or rest after your mammoth circumnavigation?

      1. Just got back from about 20 miles of mountain biking some 4-wheeler trails and back roads. My legs are feeling it. Think tomorrow will be my day of rest. 🙂 I’ve put Paco away until the temperatures get cooler. He just isn’t handling the heat very well.

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