Theparking lots between the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and the Cooperative Extension  Service headquarters are ringed with a mix of old, tall hardwoods and pines that rise to somewhere in the 50-70 foot range. This thin forest is home to an abundance of life including hawks, raccoons and coyotes. There are several types of woodpeckers too; red-bellied, pileated and this fellow, the red-headed woodpecker.

ON HIGH — Red-headed woodpecker enjoys the view from atop a large, leafless pine tree.

(*The earlier redhead in the parking lot was a spectacular red maple)

2 thoughts on “Another redhead in the parking lot*

  1. Every morning when I’m waiting for my ride to work we got a woodpecker that likes to peck around on a metal electrical pole across the road from me. He must like the sound it makes because he’s there every day. I see your woodpecker likes trees. 🙂 Nice shot.

  2. Thanks! Your metal head bird must really like the clanging — he sure isn’t getting any food out of the deal, just a headache and that ringing in his ears. This guy and the hawk were just at the edge of my camera’s digital zoom. Was happy just to catch him somewhat still. Thanks for visiting!

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