We’re not sure what kind of tree this is, but in the spring it sprouts clusters of tiny, nondescript light green blossoms that are to pollinators as catnip is to felines.  Stand within 5 feet and you will hear the tree buzz loudly. So loudly, my husband said: “it’s like standing next to a dynamo!”

Nearly every branch is in motion with the landings and departures of hundreds, if not thousands, of honeybees, carpenter bees, bumbles, wasps, butterflies and hummingbirds. Its shiny black fruits keep the birds happy through the winter.

YOU’RE IN MY AIRSPACE — Bumble bee and black swallowtail vie for the same spot on this blooming tree. Nothing like simultaneous approaches on intersecting runways.
CARPENTER BEE — Big carpenter bee in the blossoms.

4 thoughts on “Uncontrolled airspace

  1. Not sure what kind of tree it is, but I was underneath a similar tree yesterday. All of a sudden I noticed that all I could hear was buzzing and I looked up thinking I was near a hive or something. But it was a scenario just like you wrote about with frenzied buzzing all over the leaves of the tree. Good post!

  2. I got excited looking at the Bumble bee and black swallowtail competing for the same spot. Who got the spot and who lost I can only guess. Beautiful and vivid images. Thanks.

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