Sunday was a day for unusual long-tailed fowl. Why can’t we get the Roadrunner theme song out of our heads?

ROAD RUNNER — No coyote in sight as the Ferndale peacock runs along the county road near the sheriff’s substation on Sunday morning.
LONG TAIL — We think this is a scissortail flycatcher. If so, he is east of his usual range in western Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma and parts of Missouri. This bird was riding a wire near Grider Field in Pine Bluff.

6 thoughts on “Fowl most fair

  1. Love the shots. Speaking of roadrunners.. I seen 4 of them on my Sunday hike. Think it was the most I’ve ever seen in one day. Of course I got zero photos of them. Take care and stay safe.

    1. Wow! It’s been a couple years since we saw one up on the mountain (weird place for it to be anyway). Isn’t always the way, great opportunity. No photo. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by and enjoy the rest o’ the week.

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