Tiger moms. Grizzly moms. We’ve probably all seen that  harder side of mom. It usually happens after she’s used the eyes in the back of her head to see right through your well-laid-out plan to cover your tracks. Then that sound reaches your childish ears. She’s using that voice. And all of your names. You’re in “wait-til-your-father-gets-home” trouble.

Humans aren’t the only ones with angry moms. Over the last few weeks, we’ve begun to feel as if we were in the Hitchcock movie “The Birds.” Nearly every window in the house has been under assault from an angry female cardinal bent on defending her territory. The windows are covered with wing marks and the sills are covered with another bird byproduct.

And it’s not just the cardinal, indigo buntings have also joined the fray, all apparently in Fury mode when mistaking their reflection for another of their kind.

We figure when baby bird season is over, we can clean the windows.

TALONS OUT — Mama cardinal has beak and claws out for the reflection in the front door.
IN ACTION — Stills taken from a low-res video of the cardinal in full attack mode. At the time these were taken, she made repeated attacks on the window for nearly 20 minutes. We’ve tried turning the internal lights on to dim the reflection; tried chasing her off, but nothing deters this bird. 

Happy Mothers Day!

6 thoughts on “Angry bird(s)

  1. I had a “wait till your dad gets home” mom as well. It made for some tense evenings as you listen for the sound of your dad’s vehicle pulling into the driveway. Then you listen closely to hear if mom has forgotten or just decided to cut you some slack. What good times. 😀

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