Fencing , like music, it has its own tempo, rhythm and phrases.  Watching two skilled fencers in motion is almost like a dance — a martial pas de deux.

FIERCE COMPETITION — No matter that one is a philosophy professor and the other a talented 10-year-old, the rules of foil help level the playing field.

8 thoughts on “Foils

  1. Always been amazed by fencing. It’s one of those sports that if you blink you missed it. Looks like you got it. Great shot.

    1. Thanks. The new Lumix has a totally different sense of timing, from my last compact digital. This shot is one of those lucky accidents while still learning the camera.
      Happy hiking this weekend!

      1. I need to get a new camera one of these days but my wife is of the mind if it isn’t broke then keep on using it. Paco and I haven’t decided where we’ll be hiking yet but we’ll be out there. Have a good weekend as well.

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