Unfocused. This week’s prompt could apply to so much. A life. A moment. An image. We’ll hone in on the last-named.

ALL A BLUR — From the archives — the then-brand new Sony got its shakedown cruise at the Little Rock Zoo back in 2009. Operator error, but still worth saving.
DEPTH — Love it or hate it, autofocus has its charms. In this case, gave a sense of separation even if it didn’t quite latch onto the intended target. Another shot from that 2009 trip to the zoo.
MORNING COMMUTE — As dad would say, it was a “soft morning.” Whipped out the camera en route to work this morning on an oddly foggy day. No, the photographer was not driving.)

It’s still early in the challenge, but here are some favs so far:

Bunny says “no.”



Water and light:

Black cat

Whirl of lights



10 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Unfocused

  1. All great shots!! I can relate to the tiger photo. I always seem to have the focus on something other than what I intended. But it still looks neat anyway.

  2. These were great! Sometimes it’s good to save even the out-of-focus ones … You never know when they can come in handy 🙂

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