It’s all about togetherness. Most of these photos have been previously published on this site. Only the bluebirds are new.

KISS -- Doe and fawn nuzzle after grazing the lawn and before heading back into the woods.
BROTHERS -- The two furry boys from up the road playfight over a stick after a dip in the pond.
MAKING MORE SNAKES --  Look closely and you'll see two snakes warming themselves in the sun.
THREE IN A TREE -- Bluebirds fluff themselves against the cold in this January 2010 photo.

Favorites from this week are below — the pelicans at were irresistible.

See more challenge entries at:

23 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Together

    1. We treasure those moments when the deer come into the yard. This mom and baby spent quite a while exploring and eating. Unfortunately, when the black dog in the “Brothers” photo came to the neighborhood, the deer stopped coming. He chases everything. 😦

    1. We’re lucky to have two types of bluebirds — the indigo buntings and the Eastern bluebirds. The one we keep hoping to find is a painted bunting. He’s so colorful he looks tropical!

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