Weekly photo challenge: Unusual

Don’t know what it is, but it was running across the driveway this afternoon in the warm March sun.
(JUST IN: One of ¬†our friendly neighborhood U of Arkansas extension entomologists has ID’d this fellow as an antlion. Learn something new every day!)

TRILOBITE-Y -- Armor plates, fuzzy legs and pincers that look like they mean business. This creature looks like a throwback to another eon.


A day off. ¬†Beautiful weather. A great day to be a tourist in our own town. Today’s trip was to Heifer Project’s headquarters, followed by a walk around the Bill Clark wetlands and a stroll across the old Rock Island Railroad bridge.

NAMES -- Names of donors to the rehabilitation of the Rock Island Railroad bridge are stamped into the bridge's concrete deck.
HEAVY METAL -- The fabric that holds the Rock Island together.
FRAMEWORK -- Girders silhouetted against the sky.
WIDE VIEW -- Panoramic view of downtown Little Rock.

Blossom world

Springtime in the Ouachitas engages every sense. Feel of the warm sun, see the vibrance of its animal and plant life, taste the honeysuckle, breathe in the fragrance of its blooms and listen to the work songs of its pollinators. Carpenter bees, bumblebees, honeybees, wasps, flies and butterflies — they were everywhere on Saturday as the mountains’ wild fruit trees’ blooms soaked in the sunshine.

ON THE EDGE - Who wouldn't want to be hanging around on fruit tree blooms on such a spring day.
IN FOR A LANDING -- Honeybee ready to land.
BUSY -- The blooms were full of flying friends.
ON THE WING -- After a week of stalking, finally captured this yellow swallowtail contrasted against the brilliant blue sky.

Deceptive dance

This killdeer laid a clutch of green eggs in the mulch under a tree growing on the side of a parking lot. She executes an elaborate dance to draw away any one or anything that might bring harm to her brood.

DISTRACTION -- Mother killdeer tries to draw a potential threat away from her clutch of eggs by feigning injury.


Finally! A decent bird shot! Was out shooting a work project when I heard this guy singing something that wasn’t the blues.

BRIGHTLY SINGING -- Bluebird sat singing in a tree in the parking lot at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.


Anticipating spring

The equinox that marks the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere is still 15 days away. No matter. Seems like everything else believes it to be here already.

SUNWARD -- Sunshine. Unseasonable warmth. Blooming trees and fragrant air. Who needs an excuse to be out?
READY TO POP -- If you hold your ear just close enough, you can almost hear the countdown to blooming.
BUDDING -- Tree bud ready to unfurl. Just a day later, some of its brethren had opened.
VIOLET -- The lawn's first violet.