Spring weather has come early to Arkansas this year, bringing everything along with it, including the annual crested iris outburst. In 2010 and 2011, these beauties came along around the second week of April. This year, their ethereal lavender-blue standards and falls graced our woods before the end of March.

In years past, the irises seemed to prefer to be alone or in pairs. This year, there are crowds in the leaf litter. Some are live on the sheer edge of the road cut, while others seem to cling to the crumbling  shale by their fingerling rhizomes.

FOURTEEN'S A CROWD -- A group of crested iris, native to the Ouachitas, lights up the roadside.
SOLITARY -- A single iris framed by vines on the Ouachita forest floor around the 600-foot mark on the mountain.
IN LINE -- A line of irises in the leaf litter.

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