Passover is coming. Growing up outside New York City in a town where most everyone was Catholic (Irish or Italian) or Jewish, the coming of Holy Week also meant the coming of Passover. We all had a week off school to mark the holidays.  We all had just enough Sunday school or Hebrew school to make our parents happy. Not theologians by any stretch of the imagination, but we had a pretty good idea of the basics and what went on in each church or synagogue.

But even if you’re not immersed in the movement of the liturgical seasons, popular culture, particularly commercial retail, throws some pretty good clues. Hard to miss the chocolate bunnies, pastel Peeps, egg coloring kits and brightly colored baskets that signal Easter. In Arkansas,it seems  finding evidence of Passover is a little tougher. Most years, the major tip off  can be found in a tiny corner of the “international foods” section. It’s that empty space in the shelf where the matzos were.

As the church marked the fifth and final Sunday of Lent 2012, couldn’t help but meditate on the image borne in the glass and lead of one of the north windows, a large Star of David. An odd thing in a Catholic church? As Christians come to celebrate salvation, it’s a good reminder of where it all began.

STAR OF DAVID -- This north window at our Lady of the Holy Souls Church is a reminder of the Judaic roots of Christianity.

2 thoughts on “Root of Jesse

  1. Currently living not too far from “The City,” I know what you mean about the week-long Passover/Easter vacation. Really enjoyed your post. Love your tagline – Urbanites in the woods, doing all our own stunts. Thanks again for stopping by.

    1. Thanks for your comment. Nice to be within reach of The City, without actually having to deal with it, except every so often. I don’t miss the commute. Was admiring your tagline as well. Been a long time since I’d seen the word “Pennsyltucky!”

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