Pinhole photography has always fascinated us. With the passing of film*, we wondered whether it could be done mechanically using a digital camera rather than using the software version that’s available on some cameras. After a little experimentation with shutter and aperture settings, a black piece of cardboard with pinhole in it, and a little (cringe) tape, we think we got it working, or some reasonable approximation, with no digital monkeying.

*We don’t really believe film is dead. Just taking a little nap.

So, our second weekly challenge entry is through a pinhole. (and below, more weekly challenge entries to love!)

STARS AND STRIPES -- Our wind-blown porch flag.
EARLY BLOOMER --A half-unfurled coreopsis flower greets Saturday's sunlight.
TEAPOT -- A closeup of a teapot made in my aunt's ceramics shop in Bangkok. A beloved memento of a trip there more than a decade ago.

And the “mother site”:

LITTLE TEAPOT -- Several visitors to The Interface have asked about the teapot mentioned above. Sorry, not a great shot, wanted to get this up ASAP. It's small, holding about two cups'worth, but was made with loving hands.

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