A beautiful Sunday with highs in the 80s and bright overcast. Perfect day to take the hard top off the roadster and enjoy a, well, Sunday drive. Today’s road trip took us to Caddo Valley, Arkadelphia, Mountain Pine, the Ouachita National Forest and Hot Springs. It was a great time to try out the new compact digital, a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5, a replacement for the well-loved, but flash-dead Sony.

CAPONE SLEPT HERE -- The Arlington Hotel has played host to the famous and the infamous, including Babe Ruth, Harry S Truman and gangster Al Capone.
SPITTING IMAGE -- Oddly endearing frog fountain spits into a nearby pond at Central Park Fusion Cuisine, Hot Springs.
BATH HOUSE -- The Fordyce Bath House was among the beautiful buildings restored along Hot Springs' Central Avenue. It serves as the visitors center for Hot Springs National Park. Hot Springs was known for centuries for its the waters that are said to have healing powers.
CONE --Bailey's Dairy Treat on Park Avenue in Hot Springs.
THE FISH NET -- Catches everything: gator, steak, catfish, fried green tomatoes and fried bread pudding. Deee-lish.

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