As noted in the previous post, we’re tough on our tools. Aside from cameras, our keyboards are relentlessly hammered. And not that we have anything against “e.” Quite the contrary, “e” gets used plenty (abusively?) during the the writing hundreds of news and feature stories and thousands of emails in the course of a year. Below are the craters in the Mac and the laptop keyboards. (A, I, O,S ¬†and period seem to have gathered significant wear as well, at least on the laptop. R, F, and D are showing some wear below.)


It appears the math people at Cornell have determined that E is the most frequently used letter in English after analyzing some 40,000 words. Wikipedia has some interesting stuff too.

YOU CAN spell "cavity" without an "e', but it seems almost everything else in English requires at least one.
HARD HIT -- The laptop keyboard takes a pounding.

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