This black and white (zebra) jumping spider was clambering all over the big green garbage can on this warm fall day. (With highs near 80, it was a great time to give the cars one last wash before the cold of late fall came rushing through.)  Couldn’t tell if he was curious or courageous or both, but when approached by a photographer many times his size, he always turned to face the lens, even appearing to look over his shoulder to keep all his eyes on the big galoot.

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4 thoughts on “King of the Garbage Can

    1. Thanks for stopping by!

      It’s been nice to get out and shoot again after a brutally hot summer. (Little Rock reached a record 45.5 C/114F this summer). Our fuzzy little black and white friend was about .75 inches or 1.9-ish cm.

      I do so enjoy your blog!

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