Fall is mating season for tarantulas and that’s when males tend to roam looking for a mate. Tarantula sightings have been thin this year, but while doing some yard work today, we spotted a big one zig-zagging around the driveway.  During the late summer, we’d noticed a few more burrows and speculated that they might be tarantula homes.  We’re glad to see them. According to the Encyclopedia of Arkansas, tarantulas have only been in the Natural State for 8,000 years.  They seem to have adapted quite nicely since then.

Been a very spiderific Sunday!

WANDERING -- A big tarantula -- maybe 5-6 inches across -- wanders the driveway on Sunday afternoon. His behind is front and center in this shot.
SLANTING SHADOWS -- Tarantula casts a long shadow in the November afternoon sun.
DARK and FUZZY -- Top view of our Sunday wanderer.

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