They look cute with their big dark eyes and their wee tiny feet, but make no mistake, hummingbirds are ruthless when it comes to protecting “their” feeder. Normally, it’s Napoleon or some other dominant hummingbird who chases the others away, but this morning, a big red wasp had succeeded in turning the pecking order on its head. The wasp aggressively chased off every feathered rival, including Napoleon, at both feeding stations. The wasp met its match in the form of a flyswatter. It managed one comeback, but hasn’t been seen after a second strike.

battling hummingbirds
DOGFIGHT -- Two hummingbirds collide in a battle for nectar.
Three battling birds
THREE FOR ALL -- Three hummingbirds battle for a chance at some nectar.
Wasp on feeder
MINE -- This wasp dominated the feeders for a good part of the morning. A good whack upside his head sent him off for some time, allowing the hummingbirds to return.

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