With summer solstice just around the corner, corn should be getting ready to tassel. Never having grown corn before, thought this year, we’d toss a few seeds in the ground and make a go of it.  The corn came up, and while it’s certainly not high as an elephant’s eye, it may struggle to knee high by the Fourth of July. That’s provided that that the rich variety of grasshoppers and hungry deer don’t get to it first. A look at our corn as of June 18:

Runt corn
ON THE SMALL SIDE -- Real corn producers will shudder. The planting density is too great and who on earth uses mulch around corn? Still, we're just pleased the corn came up and seems to be living happily between the basil, lavender and rosemary.
Green grasshopper on corn
WELL HIDDEN -- A green grasshopper matches his surroundings, taking refuge in the broad leaves and whorls of suburban corn.
grasshopper in corn
IN THE SHADE -- A brown grasshopper takes shelter in the arches formed by the corn plant's broad leaves.

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