The sky is cloudless and the temperatures are already in the 80s with the sun is just over the yard arm.  The magenta wild phlox caught my eye rolling down the road to the recycling center. It was a given that when I got back, the camera and I were taking a walk down the road. I’d also seen the leaves of crested iris poking some 3-4 inches above the leaf litter, but didn’t expect to see any flowers until later this month. Surprisingly, many of them on the darker, cooler north slopes were blooming. Of course, native dogwoods were in their white glory today, their flowers capturing sunlight filtering through the quickly closing canopy.

Magenta phlox
Vivid phlox peers upward from the roadside.
Crested iris.
This crested iris was blooming well away from the road. Knowing that diamond backs and copperheads are active now that it's warm, shooting from the road was probably the safest option.

Iris going strong on the north face of Round Mountain's shoulders.

Backlit dogwood flowers
White dogwood flowers capture the early April light.

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