The morning after brought sun, warmer temperatures and insidious melt and re-freeze beneath the snow blanket.  Still, it was beautiful and the sound of running water and birds were the only ones to break the morning silence.

Bluebird on a wire
Bluebird enjoys the warm sun.
Grass and shadows
Husks of warm-hued summer grass stand in contrast to the blue snow shadows.
Bird tracks in the snow
Bird tracks cross where dogs, kids and bicycles have been.
Robin ventures out on the ice.
A robin ventures out on the ice covered lake.
Outdoor faucet and its shadow.
Outdoor faucet casts a clean shadow.
Lakeshore covered by snow.
Lake in winter.
Deer tracks in the snow.
Tracks left by deer on their morning rounds.
snow on filigreed mat
Snow traces the filigree of a doormat.

Snow piled on slats.

Oh, forgot a caption for this one. Snow is piled on the slats of a garden bench.

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