The National Weather Service at Little Rock was calling for up to 8 inches across most of  Arkansas, with locally heavier amounts possible. The forecasts for this storm were enough to prompt schools, churches and businesses to keep closed for the day, except for essential personnel.  Mother Nature isn’t taking any breaks on this snow day.

Cardinal in the snow
Cardinal plucks what berries he may as the snow falls.
Deer crossing the driveway
One of a group of four deer, making the morning rounds cutting through the driveway.
Deck chairs filled with snow
The deck chairs show their white cushions during a snow cease-fire. I'd say Ferndale falls into the "locally heavier amounts" category.

This storm follows one that dumped about two inches on the Ouachitas two days ago. All this snow is a bit of a novelty in the South. Just 20 years ago, Little Rock owned one snow plow. We take comfort in knowing that even the county now owns sand/salt trucks — a blessing out in the middle of nowhere. Real four-wheel drive helps too.

snowy scene on the road
Could be Bavaria in the spring, but it is the Ouachitas in winter.

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