Somehow, the Ouachita Mountains seem to make the rainiest and foggiest days beautiful. Shooting through the rain-streaked glass gave the image a 19th century feel.

windswept Ouachita landscape
Gothic horror setting as a winter rainstorm sweeps through the Ouachita Mountains.
sepia style image of a foggy day in the Ouachita Mountains
Oaks and pines stand together in a winter rain. (Samsung Fascinate photo)
rain streaked window
The rain streaked window offers a wonderful distortion. There was still enough ambient light to show the subtle browns of oak leaves clinging to the tree.

4 thoughts on “In the bleak early winter

  1. Hi Subernferndaleark. Just a quick line to ask if I can make use of your photo of the rain streaked window? It’s for a non-commercial project; basically a small poster/web image of a William Blake quote. I can send you it for approval first, and of course credit you on the image.

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