In late November, a series of rainy, windy cold fronts is stripping the colored foliage from the trees.  However, there’s still plenty of color and textures to be found in the Ouachitas (although the argument could be made that the gingko in the photo below is growing out of the West Gulf coastal plain).

Yellow Gingko leaves
Yellow gingko leaves contrasted against a clear blue sky.
Last fall, the unmown areas were full of these blue helmet flowers. This year their numbers were down, probably due to the summer's drought. Thanks, once again, to Jon Barry at the SW Research and Extension Center in Hope for his plant IDs.
Red cosmos
This cosmos, whose plant was topped by hungry deer, produced another flower months later.
Lichen clings to a vertical face of the native Stanley shale.
The recent wet spell has been a boon for the local fungus population.
Upturned mushroom
An overturned mushroom shows its earthy colors.
Contrails across the sky at sunset
Contrails criss-cross the evening sky.

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