It’s a good day for post No. 100. A quick 15-minute amble around the house and yard produced a pint of sweat and a bushel of frames. A sampling from this morning’s walk n’ shoot.

Ready to Fly

Seed head parachutes await the wind
Colt's foot seedhead parachutes await the wind. (photo illustration)


Yellow butterfly on  leaf
It's hard not to be captivated by colors in the Ouachita Mountains. You just have to look closely.


Gray butterfly on yellow dill blossoms.
This gray butterfly, and another insect pollinator below, make a stop at the volunteer dill. This is the second straight year for volunteer dill, right next to the 6-foot volunteer sunflowers.


Skipper resting on leaves
This butterfly rests in the shade among wild blackberries.

Orange you glad I didn’t say banana?

Orange bug with zebra striped legs
His mother dresses him funny.

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