High and low.

An Eastern Towhee maintains a watch high in a tree, while a tree frog seeks the cool shade in the 100 degree heat.

Eastern towhee in a tree
Eastern towhee keeps watch on high.
Tiny frog
Tiny frog enjoys the 2-degree difference in the shade. When it's 100, every degree counts.

Mellow yellow.

A 102-degree day on the mountain didn’t slow down members of the  insect population from making their appointed rounds. Yellow was the color of the day.

Outwinging the flash
Yellow butterfly outflaps the flash.
Gray butterfly on yellow sumac flowers
Gray butterfly works upside down on yellow sumac flowers.
Bumblebee circumnavigates a clover flower.
Bumblebee circumnavigates a white clover's globe.

Line. Texture. Movement.

Sunday was a wonderful day for photography, not to mention black fly and mosquito bites.  Certainly a case of the more you look, the more you find.

Delicate lacework in dragonfly wing
It's hard to believe a structure this delicate-looking can withstand the speed and pressures of sustained flight.
Contours of weathered root.
The upturned root end of this oak tree shows as many folds as the earth that once supported it.
Seed head curves back on itself in a loop.
Weed seedhead with tiny flowers curls back on itself in a spiral, ever so gently shaken by the wind.

Blue sky. Blackberries.

The first fruits of this year’s wild blackberry crop were ready for picking.  Styling three berries IS a challenge. Eating them is not, though they will make a really small cobbler.

Blackberries on white towel

Blackberries in champagne flute.

The blue sky, champagne flutes and blackberries become an impromptu still life in a window laced with inaccessible, dust-collecting spider webs.